Ph.D. Alumni

Name Country   Year   Topic
Chan-Jin Kim Korea 1972 Foreign Investment in Korea: Law and Administration
David M. Huang Taiwan 1975 The Impact of Containerization on Carrier's Liabilities and Rate Regulations in International Liner Shipping with Emphasis on United States / Japanese Trade
Kwang-Ha Ko Korea 1978 Korean Laws and Policies on Importation of Foreign Technology
Wen-Yi Lee Taiwan 1981 Developing Contract Theory in a Changing Society: Standardization of Contracts in the Taiwan Market
Paul Chang Bin Liu Taiwan 1983 Chinese Commercial Law in the Late Ch'ing (1842-1911): Jurisprudence and the Dispute Resolution Process in Taiwan
Dae Kyu Yoon Korea 1987 Law and Political Authority: A Study on the Rule of Law in Korea
Yeong Chyan Wu Taiwan 1988 The Economic Regulation of Ocean Liner Shipping in a Newly Industrializing Country: A Survey of Alternative Regulatory Modes and Policy Considerations Concerning Taiwan's Liner Industry
Erman Rajagukguk Indonesia 1988 Agrarian Law, Land Tenure and Subsistence in Java: Case Study of the Villages of Sukoharjo and Medayu
Jumpot Saisunthorn Thailand 1988 Fisheries of the ASEAN States: Transition in the 200-Mile EEZ Regime
Hyun Kim Korea 1990 Limitation of Shipowners' Liability in Korea: Comparisons with the 1976 Convention and Japanese and United States Laws
Zhi Ying Fang China 1991 Systemic Problems of Foreign Financing in the PRC: A Comparative Legal Study
Toshiko Takenaka Japan 1992 Comparative Study of Patent Claim Interpretation in the United States, Federal Republic of Germany, and Japan
Tay-Sheng Wang Taiwan 1992 Legal Reform in Taiwan under Japanese Colonial Rule (1895-1945): The Reception of Western Law
Kon Sik Kim Korea 1995 Chaebol and Corporate Governance in Korea
Norman Taylor Braslow USA 1997 Legal Transplants and Change: Unjust Enrichment Law in Japan
Yao-Kuo Eric Chiang Taiwan 1997 Regulatory Reform in Taiwan, 1987-1996
Sakda Thanitcul Thailand 1997 Industrial Ladder and Technology Import Regulation: Experiences of Japan, South Korea, Mexico and Lessons for Thailand
Vai Io Lo United States 1997 Law and Industrial Relations: China and Japan after World War II
Namyoung Yoo Korea 1999 Japanese Spirit and Western Utility: A Comparative Study of Japanese Conflicts Jurisprudence
Jong-Kyun Woo Korea 2002 The Trademark Use Requirements in the United States and Korea: Insights from Domain Names Disputes and Prospects for Harmonization
Catherine K.S. Chang USA 2003 Violence Against Women in Post-Mao China: International Human Rights Norms and Local Law.
Inho Cho Korea 2004 An Evaluation of Insider Trading Regulation in the Republic of Korea: What Are the Policy Considerations and What is Necessary for Korea to Strengthen Insider Trading Regulation?
Hyung Doo Nam Korea 2005 The Right of Publicity in the Global Market: Is James Dean a Living Dead Even in Korea?
Orakanoke Phanraksa Thailand 2005 Uniformity of the Patent Policy in Technology Transfer in Thailand: To What Extent Can the Bayh-Dole Act Concept be Adapted for the Thai Technology Transfer System?
Kyoko Ishida Japan 2006 A Study of Ethics and Regulations of Japanese Legal Service Providers in the 21st Century
Ping Yu China 2006 Administrative Model v. Adjudication Model : The Impact of Administrative Detention in the Criminal Process of the People's Republic of China
Chang-su Choe Korea 2006 Antitrust Adaptation of Economic Analysis for Inferring Concerted Conduct from Competitors' Parallel Pricing : Insights and Directions to Strengthen Korean Antitrust Jurisprudence
Tomi Utomo Indonesia 2006 Indonesian Drug Policy and Patent Regulation After the TRIPS Agreement : Better Access to Essential Medicines?
Kurnia Toha Indonesia 2007 The Struggle Over Land Rights: A Study of Indigenous Property Rights in Indonesia
Chih-Wei Tsai Taiwan 2007 Principles of Aboriginal Title and Self-Determination : Legal Justification for Indigenous Self-Government in Taiwan
Patricia Goedde USA 2008 How and to What Extent Activist Lawyers Have Mobilized the Law for Social and Political Change: 1988-2007
Hendrianto Indonesia 2008 The Indonesian Constitutional Court, 2003 – 2008.
Toshitaka Kudo Japan 2009 Civil Procedure Law Reform Prompted by the United States and the Japanese Patent Invalidation Procedures
Shin-Rou Lin Taiwan 2010 An Expensive Illusion? The Use of Isolation as a Tuberculosis Control Strategy in Taiwan
Kanaphon Chanhom Thailand 2010 Codification in Thailand during the 19th and 20th Centuries: A Study of Causes, Process and Consequences of Drafting the Penal Code of 1908
Chuanju (Ariel) Cheng Thaiwan 2010 A New Legal Era for the Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan—Self-Government?
Melda Kamil Ariadno Indonesia 2010 What is the Indonesian Responsibility for High Seas Fisheries?
Hsin-Yang Wu Taiwan 2012 Applying Official Language Plus from the Perspectives of Linguistic Human Rights and Multiculturalism in Taiwan
Zhe Peng (Amy) China 2012 How Should China Increase Its Institutional Support of Courts in Order to Develop the Rule of Claim Interpretation? A Comparative Study on the U.S. and Chinese Courts
Hadar K. Horovitz Israel 2012 Safeguarding Against Conflict of Interest in Biomedical Research: the Case for Protecting Human Subjects in Israel.
David E. Merrell United States 2013 Normative Pluralism in Kyrgyzstan: National, Community, and Individual Perspectives
Tao-Cho (Paul) Chang Taiwan 2013 A Model or a Symbol?: Criminal IP Judicial Reforms of Taiwan under U.S. Special 301
Linda Yanti Sulistiawati Indonesia 2013 REDD+ Issues Influence in Indonesia’s Regulatory Process Case studies: UNREDD Indonesia, REDD Plus Project Indonesia-Norway

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