Last Chance to Make a 2007-08 Law Firm Annual Challenge Gift

The 2007-08 Law Firm Annual Challenge (LFAC) has, again, been a great success this year. Many thanks to all of the participating law firms, and special thanks to our LFAC volunteers: Gregory Adams 77, Judy Bendich '75, Joel Benoliel 71, Diana Carey 86, Linda Ebberson 76, Allen Israel 78, Bruce Robertson '77, and Don Theophilus 89.

Check out the LFAC campaign page to see how your firm participation rates. There is still time to make a gift before the end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2008).

LFAC was created to give alumni an opportunity to reconnect with their alma mater, to promote meaningful participation in the life of the law school, and to strengthen the Husky network within the legal community.