Meet the 2007 Recipients of Gates Public Service Law Scholarship

The University of Washington School of Law announces the selection of the 2007 William H. Gates Public Service Law (PSL) Scholarship recipients: Michael Geoghegan, Meena Jagannath, Salmun Kazerounian, Jeni Krencicki, and Netsanet Tesfay.

"We are excited to welcome the Class of 2010 Gates Scholars,” said Gates Program Executive Director Michele Storms. “Their diverse backgrounds, passion for justice, and experience will enhance our school's long standing tradition of public service."

Each of the 2007 Gates PSL Scholarship recipients say their awareness of injustice and the desire to help others took root in childhood experiences. Follow the links below to brief biographies of the 2007 Gates Scholars:

Michael Geoghegan

Meena Jagannath

Salmun Kazerounian

Jeni Krencicki

Netsanet Tesfay