Raising Funds for LRAP

UW law school alumni have been presented with an extraordinary opportunity. The Washington state budget will provide $250,000 to the school’s Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) Endowment if we are able to raise matching funds by June 30, 2008.

The 2007 Legislature appropriated a total of $500,000 to the school’s LRAP Endowment, which “shall be used to provide graduates who pursue careers in public interest legal positions with payment assistance toward their student loan debt.” The Legislature awarded $250,000 outright and provided another $250,000 as a challenge match.

The need for loan repayment assistance at the UW is growing. Ten years ago, the resident tuition and fees amounted to $5,735; this year, they are $17,846. Even though the number of endowed scholarships continues to increase, at present the school’s need-based scholarship program supports less than a third of each J.D. class with an average award of $5,000 per student. A 2005 student survey revealed that one third of the students expects to graduate with a debt of over $70,000.

As the state’s only public law school, the UW has a fine tradition of its graduates in public service careers. Such careers benefit many communities and provide the backbone of our legal system.

Help us meet the legislature's challenge by making a gift to the LRAP Endowment today.