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Amanda Stock receives Outstanding Young Lawyer Award from the King County Bar Association

SEATTLE --Amanda Stock, ’06, was honored with the Outstanding Young Lawyer Award at the King County Bar Association (KCBA) Annual Awards Dinner last Tuesday. The alumna and Seattle native founded the Plauche & Stock law firm with her partner, Billy Plauche, two and a half years ago and her early successes in counseling public and private clients on environmental land use and natural resource matters have garnered recognition.

"As an in-house attorney client of Amanda's, I can honestly say that she challenges me daily, by way of her example, to be a better attorney-advocate for my clients,” said Stephanie C. Morris of the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator’s office. “I don't think I'll ever meet a more dedicated, knowledgeable, hard-working, professional, and most importantly, enjoyable person to work with. ... I take great comfort in knowing that as a client, I couldn't be in better hands, and as a friend, I have much to learn from her."

Stock was raised with ample appreciation for both business and the environment. Her parents owned the Elliot Bay Book Company and let their daughter sail around the San Juan and Gulf islands in her adolescence. After graduating UW Law with honors and a managing editor position at the Washington Law Review, Stock found a way to combine her two passions in Plauche & Stock LLM. As partner, she assists clients in all manner of environmental regulation, from marine and wetlands issues to agriculture. She often plays a dual role in complex cases, as both advocate and project manager, all the while using her business acumen to grow the firm’s prospects.

Stock’s environmental advocacy goes beyond her law practice. The young attorney is on the Board of Directors of Salish Sea Expeditions, a nonprofit organization that provides fifth to 12th grade students with the opportunity to conduct real scientific research on the water. Stock has also chaired the KCBA’s Environmental and Land Use Law Section.

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