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Shari Ireton
University of Washington School of Law


Law School Takes New Approach to Career and Leadership Development

Dean Kellye Testy has announced that the UW School of Law will sharpen its focus on leadership and career development. The Center for Career and Leadership Development will enhance the programs the law school currently provides for students in career counseling and their development as leaders. The Center recognizes that law school graduates are looked to as leaders at the outset of and throughout their careers. This leadership takes many forms in law, business, and public service including service on boards, law firm and business management, directors of non-profit organizations, interdisciplinary team leaders, and ethical and intellectual leaders of civil society.

"As we continue to prepare our students to be leaders for the 21st Century, it is appropriate that we supplement their classroom learning with additional professional development opportunities that this office is well-positioned to deliver," said Dean Testy.

The new initiative in career development follows an announcement that the law school received a $500,000 gift from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a centralized hub for all public service and public interest programs.

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