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Law School Hosts Former SEC Commissioner

Roberta Karmel Former Securities and Exchange Commissioner Roberta Karmel, now the Brooklyn Law School Centennial Professor of Law, will present a Harry Cross Visiting Professor of Law public lecture Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 4 p.m. in Room 138 at William H. Gates Hall.

In her lecture, "The Future of the Securities and Exchange Commission", Karmel will examine how the SEC has been criticized by the right and the left and blamed for the nation's financial meltdown.

Karmel's area of expertise is international and domestic securities regulation. She is former a Public Director of the New York Stock Exchange and was in private practice for 30 years. She was also a Fulbright Scholar studying the harmonization of the securities laws in the European Union. Karmel is the author of Regulation by Prosecution: The Securities and Exchange Commission Versus Corporate America, and numerous articles on securities regulation and international securities law. She also authors a monthly column in the New York Law Journal. Karmel serves as Co-Director of The Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law and has been a member of the Brooklyn Law School faculty since 1985.

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