Washington State Supreme Court to Hold Session at UW School of Law

As part of the "Court in the community" program, the Washington State Supreme Court will visit the UW School of Law January 25-26. There will be a reception honoring the Justices for UW School of Law students, faculty and staff Wednesday, January 25 from 3:30 – 5 p.m. in Room 127.

On January 26, the Justices will hear the following oral arguments in Room 133:

Case #1
*Criminal Law—Search & Seizure—Seizure of Evidence—Expectation of Privacy
Whether police illegally obtained DNA evidence from the flap of an envelope which was mailed by the defendant in reply to a letter purporting to be from a lawyer but actually sent by police.
No. 75312-1, State (respondent) v. Athan (appellant). (1/26/06)

Case #2
*Land Use—Growth Management Act—Implementing Ordinances—Referendum Power
Whether county ordinances which were enacted pursuant to the Growth Management Act, and which amended county code provisions related to surface water management, clearing and grading, and zoning, are subject to referendum.
No. 76581-2, 1000 Friends of Wash. (respondent) v. McFarland (appellant). (1/26/06)

Case #3
*Criminal Law—Search & Seizure—Expectation of Privacy—Motel Guest Registry
Whether police violated article I, section 7 of the Washington Constitution by randomly taking names from the guest registry of a motel and running warrant checks on those names.
No. 76800-5, State (respondent) v. Jorden (petitioner). (1/26/06)

Detailed schedule and case briefs for January 26

Unless otherwise indicated, oral arguments are open to the public.
Courtroom decorum should be observed.

Justices of the Supreme Court

Contact Anna Buzard (’05), 206.755.1500 for further information.

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