Kris  Lee

Kris Lee

Law, Technology & Arts Group

Kris C. Lee is the Associate Director of CASRIP (Center for Advanced Study & Research on Intellectual Property). She oversees all that is CASRIP including sponsorships, the annual Patent and Intellectual Property Law Summer Institute, the Transnational IP Seminar in Europe and many other CASRIP conferences here in the U.S. and around the world. In addition, she gives lectures on the "Legal English" session of the CASRIP Summer Institute. She has been with CASRIP since 2008. ... more

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Signe  Naeve

Signe Naeve

LTA Associate Director & Law Lecturer
Associate Director, Law, Technology & Arts Group
Law Lecturer

Signe Naeve is the Associate Director for the Law, Technology & Arts Group where she teaches classes on copyright, trademark, international IP, First Amendment and IP, and legal research and writing. She also frequently lectures on specialized topics such as orphan works, geographical indicators, trade dress protection for non-traditional marks, and secondary liability for digital media. ... more

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Jennifer  Snider

Jennifer Snider

Program Manager
Program Manager, Center for Law, Science and Global Health
Program Manager, Law, Technology and Arts Group

In 1999, Jennifer Snider joined the School of Law in the Associate Dean's Office after working over 10 years at Nordstrom in various capacities. She has been the Program Manager for the Law, Technology and Arts Group and the Center for Law, Science and Global Health since September 2005. ... more

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