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As part of the law school’s Global Mondays series, on April 8, David R. Boyd presented data from his recent book, The Right to a Healthy Environment (UBC Press, 2012), which discusses the international movement to constitutionalize the right to a healthy environment. One of Canada’s top environmental lawyers and adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University, Boyd’s discussed  the sustained friction between industry and environmental activists playing itself out against a dynamic legal environment in which a surprising number of countries have constitutionalized environmental rights.  According to Boyd, business leaders in extractive industries have remained staunchly opposed to the movement, but public opinion is undoubtedly increasing the pressure on businesses to avoid environmental harms.

On April 25, Professor Donna M. Nagy, C. Ben Dutton Professor of Law at Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law, will be speaking as part of the the Faculty Colloquium run under the Direction of Professor Steve Calandrillo. Professor Nagy is a nationally recognized scholar in the area of securities law and self regulation.

Last updated 5/7/2013