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Faith Stevelman
Law, Business & Entrepreneurship Program

The Program on Law, Business & Entrepreneurship Program (LBE) operates like a department of business law within UW’s School of Law. LBE supports the J.D. and J.D./M.B.A. experience by helping students integrate private law concepts -- such as contracts, property, securities law and choice of business entities -- with essential business and financial concepts.

LBE’s core belief is that business professionals and business lawyers are empowered as leaders to advance the global common good.

LBE faculty are experts in law and entrepreneurship, corporate governance and social responsibility, mergers and acquisitions, financial markets and their regulation, small business advising and ecommerce. Faculty are devoted to helping students leverage their academic studies to envision the broad array of business and business law opportunities available.

A core mission of LBE is demystifying business and transactional law to make the field accessible and fun -- even to students having no prior experience in these areas.

The centerpiece of the program is The LBE Collegium: a bi-monthly, informal speaker and discussion series. The LBE Collegium introduces students to celebrated members of the law faculty, Seattle business law bar, and extraordinary local corporate counsel.

Students with a passion for the field, and scheduling flexibility, should consider the LBE Concentration Track -- in essence a “major” in business law within the J.D. and J.D./M.B.A. (Learn more about the LBE Concentration Track.)

LBE is a platform for a wide variety of special programs; in addition to the Collegium, these include:

  • The Entrepreneurial Law Clinic
  • The Distinguished Speaker Series, bringing nationally prominent business law scholars to address cutting-edge issues and meet, informally, in small groups with students
  • Clinics and externships connecting business law and social entrepreneurship
  • The Business Law Association, run by students, which arranges special events and peer to peer networking sessions
  • The Transactional Law Meet
  • (Optional) Bi-annual Friday seminars on subjects like “Establishing a Business Law Practice” and “A Primer on Reading Clients Financials”


News and Events

12/3/13 - Washington State AG’s General Counsel Paula Selis on Consumer Fraud and Business Law, Room 207, 12:30 pm 1

1/25/13 - UW Law’s Professor Eric Schnapper on Sarbanes Oxley and the Supreme Court, Room 207, 12:30 pm

11/20/13 - LBE Concentration Track Lunch, Room 441, 12:30 pm

11/12/13 - Distinguished Speaker Series: Professor Roberta Karmel, “Will Law Firms Go Public?”

11/6/13 - UW Law’s Professor Thomas Andrews on Professional Responsibility in Small Business Advising 10/24/13 LBE Director & Visiting Prof. Faith Stevelman, “Brainstorming about M&A Due Diligence”

10/9/13 - UW Law’s Professor Dwight Drake on Lawyers’ Roles in Small Business Ventures

10/2/13 - UW Law’s Professor Anita Krug on Transactional Teaching in M&A and the Transactional Law Meet 9/25/15 Welcome to the LBE Program, Concentration Track Lunch, Room 115, 12:30

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