Law, Business & Entrepreneurship

LBE Concentration Track

The LBE Concentration track is designed to provide students a basis for achieving professional excellence either as counselors, litigators or business principals in the dynamic settings where business and law practice meet.   

The core curriculum, illustrated below, ensures that students will have a sound, durable foundation. The requirement of at least three electives ensures that students will build breadth and diversity into their curriculum.  In addition to becoming entrepreneurs in establishing their own legal practice or businesses, graduates will be well situated to flourish in small or large firm transactional practice or litigation, as in-house corporate counsel,  as attorneys for public or private financial services firms or advisors to start-ups, family businesses, and also in nonprofit enterprises.   

To satisfy their elective requirements, students may also enroll in courses offered by the Foster School of Business, or other business-related courses approved by a faculty advisor.


At least one of the following experiential/drafting courses:


  1. All of the following foundational courses:
  2. At least three (3) elective courses in any combination from the subject areas below:

    Business Law and Taxation

    Commercial, Trade and Real Property Transactions

    Intellectual Property

    Compensation of Employees and Employment Law


    Entrepreneurial Law Clinic

Last updated 4/15/2013