IP Law LL.M. Curriculum

classroom Students in the Intellectual Property Law & Policy LL.M. Program must satisfy both Graduate School and School of Law requirements. Full-time students can typically complete the course of study within one nine-month academic year. The LL.M. degree requires completion of forty-quarter hours of course credit.*


  • Intellectual Property Law Core (P501) 8 credits
  •  Introduction to Legal Systems and Skills for Intellectual Property Law (P503) 3 credits [requirement for international students]
  • A major research paper of 30-40 pages in length.
  • Approved elective courses:
    Advanced IP
    • Advanced Copyright Law Seminar (P522) [3 credits]
    • Advanced Patent Law Seminar (P545) [3 credits]
    • Advanced Trademark Seminar (P546) [3 credits]
    • Intellectual Property in East Asia (P543) [3 credits]
    • International Intellectual Property (P505) [2 credits]
    IP in Industry Context
    • Bio-entrepreneurship and the Law (B570) [3 credits]
    • Entertainment Law (P535) [3 credits]
    • Legal, Ethical and Social Issues in Public Health Genetics (H504) [3 credits]
    • Legal Protection of Computer Software (P547) [3 credits]
    • Privacy Law (E544) [2 credits]
    • Topics in Law and Medicine (H510) [4 credits]
    IP in Other Disciplines
    • Advanced Writing Seminar in IP Law & Policy (P510) [4 credits]
    • Antitrust and IP Rights (P509) [3 credits]
    • Antitrust Law and Policy (A552) [4 credits]
    • Economic Analysis of Intellectual Property (P504) [3 credits]
    • Genetics and the Law (H520) [2 credits]
    • International Contracting (B516) [4 credits]
    • Law and Economics (A561) [4 credits]
    • Law, Technology and Development (P539) [2 credits]
    • Medical Malpractice (H502) [3 credits]
    • Taxation of Intellectual Property (T545) [2 credits]
    • Taxation of E-Commerce (T547) [4 credits]
    IP in Practice
    • Drafting Technology Contracts (P577) [3 credits]
    • Entrepreneurial Law Clinic (E523) [3 credits each quarter]
    • Intellectual Property Practicum (P528) [1-4 credits]
    • Litigation Strategies for Protection of Technology (P548) [3 credits]
    • Strategic Intellectual Property Commercialization (P552) [3 credits]
    • Patent Prosecution (P550) [4 credits]
    • Technology Law & Public Policy Clinic (E554) [4 credits each quarter]
    • Transnational Intellectual Property Law and Theory (P506) [3 credits]
    Tutorials provide students a small and relaxed setting, usually 1-5 students, to delve into a specialized topic and to learn from the experiences of faculty and practitioners. Tutorials have included the following topics:
    • Advanced Trademark Practice
    • Comparative IP Enforcement
    • Technology Transfer
    • Art, Law, and Social Practice
    • Emerging Legal Issues and Intellectual Property in Video Games and Virtual Worlds
    • First Amendment and Intellectual Property
    • Intellectual Property Licensing
    • International Protection of Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge, and Expressions of Folklore
    • IP Standards Law/Engagements
    • Patent Litigation Management
    • New Media Licensing

Note on other courses: Students are allowed to take up to 10 credits in courses outside of the list of approved electives including basic American law classes in order to satisfy the New York or Washington Bar Exam requirements and courses outside of the Law School with director approval.

* International students interested in taking the New York or Washington State Bar examination should anticipate taking between 43-45 quarter hours of course credit to complete both the requirements of the LL.M. degree and either the New York or Washington State Bar examination.

Last updated 10/2/2014