IP Law LL.M. Admitted International Students

CASRIP Patent and Intellectual Property Law and Practice Summer Institute

The Center for Advanced Study and Research in Intellectual Property Summer Institute offers education and training in the fundamentals of United States and international intellectual property law. The Summer Institute provides engineers, attorneys, agents, patent and licensing department staff or others without experience in intellectual property law with a concise and reasonably priced means of acquiring an understanding of this subject area. Because Summer Institute participants typically come from the United States, Japan, Europe, and elsewhere, there are unique opportunities for networking with other international practitioners of intellectual property law. Admitted students to the IP LL.M. Program will receive a 20% discount on the registration fee. Please note that this program will only issue the B-1 visa. Detailed information is available on the CASRIP website.

Additional summer program recommendations for all LL.M. program participants are noted below.

Visas for Studying in the United States

  1. How do I receive an F-1/J-1 visa?

    Students living outside of the U.S. must obtain a passport from their home government and take student visa documents and supporting documentation to the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate to apply for F-1/J-1 student visa status.

  2. Who issues your Graduate School Certificate of Eligibility visa application documents in order to receive the F-1/J-1 visa?

    The University of Washington Office of Graduate Admissions.

  3. What if I have been accepted by several U.S. schools?

    If you have been accepted by several U.S. schools, DO NOT apply for your F-1 student visa until you decide which school you want to attend. Please only use the University of Washington Graduate School "I-20 Certificate of Eligibility Form" to apply for a visa and enter the U.S. if you are planning to attend our university.

  4. How do I transfer TO the University of Washington Graduate School FROM another U.S. school?

    If you decide to attend the University of Washington from another school in the U.S., you need to complete the "UW-Office of Graduate Admissions Transfer SEVIS Release Form". Send an email request to: gradvisa@grad.washington.edu (include your UW-student number in the email message.)

    This form will be completed by you and the International Student Advisor at the U.S. school you are currently attending with your intention to transfer to UW. Your adviser will update your SEVIS record, "releasing" you to study at the UW. Only your current school has access to your SEVIS record, therefore, the UW cannot issue your UW I-20 until AFTER the "release date" has been entered into SEVIS by your current advisor. In most cases, the release date will be the last day of your term at your current school.

  5. What if I decide to attend a summer program at University of Washington-Educational Outreach-(UWEO), BEFORE starting my graduate program in the fall term at the University of Washington?

    If you decide to attend summer program at UWEO, contact the International Student Advisor at UWEO to receive the initial I-20 to enter the U.S. When you have completed the summer program, the International Student Advisor at UWEO will help you with the transfer visa process. (refer to #4 above.)

    If you have a question when you receive your visa documents from the Office of Graduate Admissions, please send your question to: gradvisa@grad.washington.edu.

English Language Requirement

Occasionally students with a TOEFL score below 580 (paper-based), 237 (computerized), or 92 (internet-based) or IELTS score below 7.0 are admitted to the LL.M. program on a conditional basis. The condition of admission is attendance at Academic English Program (AEP) courses run by the University of Washington (separate and additional fees apply). Placement in the AEP classes is determined by the scores received on the TOEFLiBT or IELTS. If a TOEFLiBT or IELTS score is not received, the student is required to take the AEP Diagnostic/Placement Test before the beginning of the fall quarter. (See more information about the AEP Diagnostic/Placement Test.)

Additionally, students can take the AEP Placement Test to see if they are able to test out of any additional English classes or they may choose to take the TOEFL again. If they receive a TOEFL score higher than 580, 237 or 92, they will need to submit an updated score to Graduate Admissions to be re-evaluated and determine if the English Language requirements will be waived. The LL.M. degree cannot be conferred on a candidate who gains conditional admission before the completion of these compulsory AEP courses. For more information, review the the UW Graduate School English Language Proficiency Policy.

Summer Programs

All candidates are expected to have a high level of ability in reading, writing and making presentations in English. We recommend that students who are not confident in all of these areas or have a TOEFL score that is close to 580 (paper-based), 237 (computerized) or 92 (internet-based) participate in a summer institute or English language program.

If you choose to attend a summer institute program or English language program, the Graduate Admissions Office will not be able to issue visa materials until you have arrived in the U.S. on your summer term I-20 since an international student can be a holder of only one I-20 student application form at a time. At the end of the summer term program, the Graduate Admissions Office will send a transfer of program I-20 to your updated mailing address in Seattle. Please be sure to notify your program's Program Manager if you decide to participate in a summer program.

  • Summer Institute in Transnational Law and Practice

    All international candidates are encouraged to participate in the Summer Institute in Transnational Law and Practice at the University of Washington School of Law in preparation for the LL.M. program, and the tax program is requiring international students who have not completed a law degree in the U.S. to take the Summer Institute in Transnational Law and Practice. The Summer Institute is a two-week intensive non-credit program at the Law School specifically designed to introduce international law students and attorneys to the structure, culture and thinking of the American Legal System. The program focuses on three areas—Introduction to the American Legal System and Practice, Legal Skills and Methodology, and Legal English. Sample topics include the United States Constitution, government branches and sources of law, the criminal and civil court systems and procedures, how to read and brief cases, and persuasive legal writing and argumentation. All will be taught by law faculty and practitioners who are experienced in cross-cultural communication. Details about the Summer Institute, schedule, accommodations, registration and visa procedures are available at the Summer Institute for Transnational Law and Practice website.

  • Advanced Academic Preparation Skills (AAPS)

    AAPS is a 4-week academic preparation program that focuses on developing advanced English language skills students need for successful academic performance; preparing for academic work in an US graduate program; introduction to a wide variety of well-known professors and lecturers at the UW; improving presentation skills by participating in a poster session, a graduate-level secondary research proposal and a final oral presentation of that research proposal; increasing awareness of American culture and building a network of peers and friendships to support students through their life in the US. More information on this program can be found at the AAPS website.

Temporary Housing


If you would like to live with a host family for a short time before finding permanent housing, we recommend that you make arrangements through the Foundation for International Understanding Through Students (FIUTS). For more information about homestay programs, please visit the website at http://www.fiuts.org.

International Student Services (ISS)

The ISS administers the University of Washington’s F-1 student and J-1 exchange visitor programs. They will provide you with advice on how to maintain your visa status, assist with the documentation of your status and assist in providing financial reports necessary for financial aid to your government. All international students new to the University of Washington are required to check in with the ISS when they arrive in Seattle.

Foundation for International Understanding Through Students (FIUTS)

FIUTS is a non-profit international student service organization on the University of Washington campus. FIUTS offers orientation services for incoming international students every quarter which addresses everything from visa and immigration information, the U. S. health care system, registration, culture shock and more. FIUTS provides opportunities for cross-cultural friendship through host families, education outreach, Wednesday Lunches, trips and tours and more. FIUTS' Women's programs provide a place for female scholars or scholars' wives to meet and discuss numerous topics.

The University of Washington Office of Global Affairs

The Office of Global Affairs (OGA) serves as a central organizational hub connecting the diverse internal and external networks of scholars, students, and community leaders who are interested in international issues.

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