Global Health Law Summer Institute 2014 Agenda

Day 3: Access to Health Care Products: Intellectual Property Law and Policy


  • Introduction to role of intellectual property in global health
  • Intellectual property: Practical challenges of intellectual property rights in global health
  • Balanced IP solutions in global health: Strategies for success in meeting both innovation and access challenges


  • Intellectual property in the global health context: Debates, challenges and controversies
  • Public-private partnership in IP: Road to development?
  • Patent pooling and humanitarian licensing regimes
  • The affirmative decision NOT to patent
  • Defensive publication: Preventative patent therapy or overall bad policy
  • Panel: Challenges in intellectual property
    • Negotiating for global access: Lessons learned and emerging strategies
    • Generics and global health: Does closing the door increase global health disparities?
    • The counterfeit and substandard medicine challenge

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