Global Health Law Summer Institute 2014 Agenda

Day 2: Access to Health Services


  • Global health and the healthcare workforce
    • Migration of healthcare workers: “Brain Drain” and global health disparities
    • Medical tourism and the defection of workforce
  • The role of non-binding legal instruments in global health: WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel
  • Accelerating Innovation to save lives and improve health in low-resource settings
  • Panel: Access to healthcare workforce and services: Is technology an answer, a band-aid, or an excuse?


  • Breakout sessions: Pairing technology solutions with real world problems
    • Technology for cold chain
    • Cell phone technology
    • Cell count of HIV patients in resource-limited settings
    • PATH’s Uniject injection system
    • Methods to identify counterfeit meds
  • The challenge of global health and law metrics
  • Global health metrics
  • Rule of law metrics
    • The quest for universal health coverage: Is it an impossible dream?

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