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  • How many credits are required to complete the LL.M. program?
    All programs require a minimum of 40 credit hours of study, with the exception of the Graduate Program in Taxation, which requires a minimum of 36. For the Health, Intellectual Property, and Taxation programs, international students interested in taking a state bar examination should anticipate taking at least 45 quarter hours of course credit to complete the LL.M. degree. Asian & Comparative Law, Global Business Law, Sustainable International Development Law, and General Law LL.M. students interested in taking a state bar exam can typically fulfill the bar exam’s curriculum requirements within the program’s required 40 quarter credit hours of study.
  • How many credits do I take per quarter?
    Full-time students generally take 12-14 credits per quarter depending on their program’s requirements.
  • What courses are required?
  • Is there a writing requirement?
    Some programs require completion of a major research paper. Please see the individual programs’ Curriculum pages for more information.
  • How and when do I register for courses?
    • Asian Law, Global Business, Sustainable International Development, and General: For Autumn quarter, students register the week before class starts. Students will see the Graduate Program Coordinator for course advising, then request courses on their “course requests” page. Once permission is given to register, students will register via MyUW Registration.
    • Health, Intellectual Property, and Taxation: During orientation week, you will be able to meet with program staff to discuss your plans for the program including course selections. Registration for classes will be done that week by the Program Manager.
  • Can LL.M. students take courses in other university departments?
    Students may also take an approved course numbered 400 or higher offered elsewhere at the University of Washington that relates to their course of study, upon approval from the program.
  • Can I work while enrolled in the LL.M. program?
    Yes, but international students may only work on campus. See International Student Services for more information. Courses are scheduled during the daytime (with the exception of Taxation LL.M. courses); so, in general, LL.M. study is incompatible with regular, full-time work.
  • What is student life like at UW School of Law?
    Students learn not only from distinguished faculty, but they also learn from each other. The students are diverse not only in their nationalities, but also in their relative experience. Ultimately students discover that their global network of classmates extend beyond the nine-month program. Please visit the Law Student Life page for more information.

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