UW LL.M. Program Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is special about Seattle?
    Seattle, Washington is a city known internationally as a center for business, research, scholarship, and creativity. Renowned for its coffee shops, farmers markets, mountain and water views, and vibrant arts scene, the city provides countless opportunities for both professional and personal growth.
  • Is there an orientation program once I am enrolled?
    Yes. In the beginning of the summer, we will send you information via email about the mandatory orientation program for all incoming LL.M. students. Orientation for all programs (except Taxation) takes place the week before classes begin. During orientation week, you will be able to meet with program staff to discuss your plans for the program including course selections.
    Taxation: Orientation is held the Thursday afternoon and evening before classes begin.
  • How do I get a visa?
    Visa eligibility forms are processed by UW Graduate Admissions, not by the School of Law. After being admitted, you will be directed to your online application again where you will find information about how to get your visa.

    You are not eligible to enter the country more than 30 days before the academic year begins. If you will be participating in a UW-sponsored English program, a commercial English program, or a program offered at another university, that program will issue you the I-20 rather than the UW Graduate School. Once you finish the summer program, you will complete I-20 transfer paperwork to begin your LL.M. program. Please notify your LL.M. contact if you will be attending one of these programs.
  • How long will it take to get a visa?
    Graduate Admissions is processing thousands of visas for students all over the university. Your visa forms should be processed in time for you to begin classes in Autumn quarter.
  • How do I find out about housing?
    Students and Visitors should find the following housing resources useful:
  • What are the medical requirements?
    All students entering the University of Washington are required to provide proof of measles immunity. Please see the UW Measles Requirement page for more information.
  • Am I required to purchase health insurance as an International Student?
    All matriculated international students with F-1 or J-1 status are required to purchase the UW Student Health Insurance Plan. For more information on this requirement, and for information on waiving it, see International Student Services’ page on Health Insurance.
  • What health services and childcare options are available to me?
    • Health Services: The University operates the Hall Health Primary Care Center as a medical care facility for currently enrolled university students and, on a fee-for-service basis, for their dependents. Services offered include primary care clinics and specialty clinics (Women’s, Sports Medicine, Mental Health, Pediatrics, Immunization, Travel Clinics and Counseling).
    • Childcare: The University of Washington has childcare options available to UW students, at additional cost. Please be aware that there are waiting lists for many of the childcare facilities, and students are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible.
  • Do I need to have a car?
    If you live near campus, probably not. There are many neighborhoods located within walking distance of the campus and for those a little farther out, the University is served by an excellent public transportation network that is available to students with their U-Pass. The $76 U-Pass fee is included in the required Services & Activities fee that students pay as part of tuition. Transportation and Commuter Services provides more information on the U-Pass and what transportation systems it allows. Students finding it necessary to have a car on campus, however, must apply for a permit to park.

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