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Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library

The backbone of the School of Law's over 100-year heritage is found in the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library. The centerpiece around which the rest of the building was designed, the library supports the information and research needs of the school. As the foundation of our programs, scholarship and legal practice, it is symbolic that the library occupies the two lower levels of the facility. Fully accessible in open shelving, the Gallagher Law Library's impressive collection invites students, professionals and the public to explore the vast implications of law. A legal research training center and drop-in computing facilities provide fingertip access to the latest legal information and resources. Natural light floods the reading room through the building's signature skylights above. Small group study rooms with video players, carrels, a lounge and other 'law student-only' spaces provide quiet areas for studying and collaboration.


Law Library Collection

Did you know that the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library houses the largest legal collection in the Northwest? With 562,000 print volumes and microfilm equivalents, the library is an excellent resource for the more than 1,000 users, including law students, faculty, the legal community and the general public, who visit every day. The 45,000 volume East Asian Law Collection is one of the finest in the entire country, and very popular with scholars from all over the world.

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