Explore William H. Gates Hall

Classrooms & Technology

Gates Hall has six large classrooms and eight seminar rooms, all of which are fully ADA-compliant and feature rich technology to enhance the academic experience. Wireless network coverage throughout the building provides easy and convenient access to the Internet; power is available at all classroom seats. Gates Hall also supports distance education and the ability to broadcast lectures and other programming into multiple classrooms.

The lab on the second floor provides computers for law students who choose not to own or do not have access to a personal computer. Lab computers have internet access as well as commonly used software and legal research tools. The space also gives students a place to study in groups or to relax between classes.

The Remote Learning Center

Many students at the UW School of Law have children, and a significant number of them have young children. A unique offering among law schools, the on-site Claire Sherman-Thomas Remote Learning Center offers a nurturing environment where students can participate in class while caring for their young children. Students also can find support in each other through the student organization, Parents Attending Law School (PALS).

A student watches and listens to her class in another classroom in the building while caring for her young son. >

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