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Art in Gates Hall

There are a number of works of art throughout William H. Gates Hall. Greeting visitors at the northwest entrance of the building, the "Monument for Law School" was created by artist, Doris Chase.

Outside of the Clinic office suite on the second floor is a statue of Takuji Yamashita, class of 1902 (see below), created by world-renowned sculptor and UW Professor of Art, Akio Takamori.

The Gallagher Law Library displays more than 20 items of contemporary Native American art. Most of the works of art on display are part of a collection assembled by artist John Feodorov, who was given the task of building a collection that honors the longstanding commitment the UW School of Law has made to the Native American community.

Takuji Yamashita, Class of 1902

Takuji Yamashita, class of 1902

Though graduating from the Law School and passing the Washington State bar examination, Mr. Yamashita was denied admission to the bar on the grounds that a Japanese national could not become a U.S. citizen.  Mr. Yamashita ultimately took his challenge to the US Supreme Court—unfortunately, he lost. In 2001, the University of Washington Law School, the Washington State Bar Association and the Asian Bar Association of Washington successfully petitioned the Washington State Supreme Court for Mr. Yamashita’s posthumous admission to the Washington Bar.
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