Vision Statement

The Barer Institute was established in 2010 by Stan and Alta Barer to provide specialized legal education focused on the multidisciplinary role of law in promoting health, education, and economic development. The goal of the Institute is to utilize lawyers as leaders in providing advice and solutions to health, education, and economic development issues in lower and middle income developing countries.

There are ongoing efforts in the various departments of the university to advance health, education, and economic development on every front. The Barer Institute is envisioned to be the law school's representative on these issues in developing countries to the university community as well as the greater Seattle area, which is gaining a worldwide reputation for its commitment to good global corporate citizenship and strong NGO community. It will be a part of the Institute's mission to work with all of these groups to further common goals.

Various national and international organizations focus on the delivery of immediate aid. These organizations save countless lives and provide an immediate solution to many on-going global crises as well as major natural disasters. Parallel to these aid efforts, we should also be investing in human capital, capable of implementing sustainable change in their home countries.

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