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Congratulations on receiving a scholarship from the UW School of Law! Most of our scholarships are made possible through the generosity of our donors, many of whom are alumni of the law school. To fully thank and honor our donors, we are committed to connecting them to our scholarship recipients. These relationships also offer a helpful networking opportunity for our students. To facilitate this process, we ask you to write a thank you letter to the donors who have contributed to your education. They enjoy hearing from you and learning that their donations are being put to excellent use. Thank you letters are due the last day of winter quarter.

This website is a resource to make the thanking process as easy as possible. First, we suggest you take a look at some tips for writing thank you letters . Then look up your scholarship donor information on the scholarship summary page.

Please note some donors have a very special relationship with UW Law and may ask to meet you in person. We will facilitate these meetings and will contact you directly to schedule them.

Please use the following format in writing your letter

  • Do not include a formal address block or salutation line in your letter. Your letter will be mailed to the donor(s) of your fund(s) with a larger packet of information from the law school. Therefore, we will add the formal address block and salutation line to your letters at that time.
  • If you received scholarship(s) in the past and wrote a thank you letter last year, please write a new letter to share experiences and updates from the last academic year. You may be receiving the same scholarship again this year, therefore the letters may be sent to the same donors.
  • In the body of your letter, be sure to be true to your own thoughts and feelings about receiving this scholarship. Below are some guidelines on what type of content to share with your donor(s):
    • Paragraph one - An indented paragraph that gives thanks for the scholarship. Provide your thoughts about how the money affects you either personally, academically or financially.
    • Paragraph two - One or more paragraphs which provide information about your background, career goals, or anything you are willing to share that gives them an idea of who you are.
    • Closing Paragraph - Reiterate your thanks for the scholarship.

NOTE: If you received multiple scholarships from UW Law, there is no need to write a different letter for each fund you received. You may write one letter and we will send it to all donor(s) of all the fund(s) you currently receive.

Submit your thank you letter (text only) for the 2013-14 school year by March 21, 2014

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