A Message from Dean Kellye Y. Testy

Dean Testy and studentMy commitments to diversity and equality are part of my high standards and insistence upon excellence. Today, the best legal education must include an integration of theory, doctrine, and practice and must be delivered by a diverse faculty to a diverse student body. Especially for a global law school such as ours, graduates must be culturally competent and prepared for an increasingly complex and connected world.

Law is a powerful tool for social change, and all of us who are part of the legal profession have a duty to seek to make real the promise of “equal justice.” Justice cannot be a commodity that is available only to those who can afford it; that not only harms the persons who are denied access to justice, but it undermines respect for the rule of law and lawyers as well.

Our school's longstanding commitment to excellence, including diversity, has stood the test of time amid many changes in the legal profession. The privilege of being a part of the legal profession compels us to promote the rule of law and its commitment to justice and equality.

The University of Washington’s Diversity Statement

The University of Washington values diversity and is committed to promoting respect for the rights and privileges of others, the understanding and appreciation of human differences, and the constructive expression of ideas.

Our Commitment


Quick Fact

On the day the law school broke ground over a century ago, the 34 students in the incoming class included three women, an African-American man, and a Japanese man – individually and collectively a rarity in 1899. From this foundation, the School of Law never lost sight of its roots, evident in the number of alumni who are prominent in the legal profession, many breaking through the barriers of gender, race, and ethnicity along the way.

Last updated 8/1/2012