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  • - Reuters
    Dozens of detainees at an immigration holding center in Washington state have begun refusing meals, renewing a hunger strike launched by hundreds of inmates earlier this month, attorneys and activists supporting the group said on Tuesday.
    The protesters have been demanding improved conditions for the 1,300 inmates held at the privately run Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma and an end to routine U.S. deportations of immigrants who have entered the United States illegally.
    Participation in the original hunger strike dwindled as the fasting wore on, with several holdouts segregated from the general population and placed under medical observation in a move protesters said was a tactic facility managers aimed at weakening their resolve.
    But Angelica Chazaro, an immigration attorney and University of Washington law professor who represents several of the inmates, said about 70 detainees began refusing food again on Monday after managers failed to improve conditions as promised
  • - Seattle Times More than 700 people detained at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma began a hunger strike on March 7 in protest of their conditions. Those still reported to be on hunger strike are on medical watch and have been threatened with force-feeding if they continue to refuse food. According to their attorneys, participants have experienced other reprisals for the strike, including solitary confinement and threats to their asylum efforts. (3/21/14)
  • - CNN Visiting Professor Angelica Chazaro speaks to CNN about her clients, detained immigrants, who are on a hunger strike at a Washington State detention center (3/11/14)

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