Scott L. David

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Executive Director, Law, Technology & Arts Group

Phone: (206) 221-5841

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Representative Publications

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Scott L. David, The "Original Package" Doctrine on the Ropes: Limbach v. Hooven & Allison Co., 38 Tax Law. 535-44 (1985).

Professional Publications

Scott L. David, A Simplified Approach to Dealing with the Legal Aspects of Business Information System Integration, Metropolitan Corporate Couns., Sept. 2008.

Scott David, Marc S. Martin & Martin L. Stern, FCC Adopts Privacy and Anti-Pretexting Rules Imposing New Requirements on Carriers and VOIP Providers, Pac. Telecomm. Council, Apr. 2007.

Holly K. Towle, Scott David & Henry L. Judy, What Will You Do When You Get the Dreaded Call, '"We've Had a Data Security Breach!", Int'l World Data Protection Rep. (BNA), March 2007.

The Challenges of Estate Planning in the Digital Age, Privacy & Data Security Rev., May 2006 (interview by Steven A. Meyerowitz with Scott David).

Scott L. David, Martin L. Stern & Holly K. Towle, The Complex Tax Issues of Broadband over Power Line, Prac. US/Domestic Tax Strategies, Sept. 2005, at 1-7.

Scott L. David, Martin L. Stern & Holly K. Towle, Broadband over Power Line: Key Regulatory Issues for Utilities, Electricity J., June 2005, at 59-67.

Scott L. David, A Framework for E-Commerce Taxation, Internet L. & Reg., 2002.

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