Zahr Said

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Assistant Professor of Law

Phone: (206) 543-4937

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  • - KUOW One vendor, Samantha Manalang, was also amped. It's the build-up to a second Seahawks Super Bowl in a row, which is amazing of course, but also a boost to her small business. She designs and prints apparel, much of it sports-themed. (1/30/15)
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    The Supreme Court has ruled that Aereo violates federal copyright law by retransmitting copyrighted programs without paying a fee, in a case that was watched closely by everyone from ABC to Google to the NFL.
    The case involved internet start-up Aereo, which streams broadcast television – CBS, NBC, Fox, and the like – to consumers on their phones, tablets, and computers, but doesn’t pay those providers retransmission fees. Instead, the company charges a subscription of up to $12 a month for which subscribers receive a tiny antenna to stream and record broadcast TV.

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