Hugh Spitzer

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Acting Professor of Law
Visiting Professor of Law

Phone: (206) 685-1635

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Representative Publications

Books or Treatises

Robert F. Utter & Hugh D. Spitzer, The Washington State Constitution (2d ed. Oxford University Press 2013). 309 pages.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Adam Sherman & Hugh Spitzer, Washington State's Mandate: The Constitutional Obligation to Fund Post-Secondary Education, 89 Wash. L. Rev. Online 15-46 (2014).

Hugh Spitzer, Pivoting to Progressivism: Justice Stephen J. Chadwick, the Washington Supreme Court, and Change in Early 20th-Century Judicial Reasoning and Rhetoric, 104 Pac. Nw. Q. 107-21 (2013).

Hugh D. Spitzer, New Life for the "Criteria Tests" in State Constitutional Jurisprudence: "Gunwall Is Dead--Long Live Gunwall", 37 Rutgers L.J. 1169-1201 (2006).

Hugh D. Spitzer, Taxes vs. Fees: A Curious Confusion, 38 Gonz. L. Rev. 335-65 (2003).

Hugh D. Spitzer, Municipal Police Power in Washington State, 75 Wash. L. Rev. 495-518 (2000).

Hugh D. Spitzer, Which Constitution? Eleven Years of Gunwall in Washington State, 21 Seattle U. L. Rev. 1187-1215 (1998).

Hugh D. Spitzer, A Washington State Income Tax--Again?, 16 U. Puget Sound L. Rev. 515-70 (1993).

Hugh Spitzer, Court Rulemaking in Washington State, 6 U. Puget Sound L. Rev. 31-73 (1982).

Book Chapters

Hugh D. Spitzer, Washington: The Past and Present Populist State, in The Constitutionalism of American States 771-84 (George E. Connor & Christopher W. Hammons eds., 2008).

Works in Progress

Hugh D. Spitzer, Ethics Issues in Representing Intergovernmental Entities (Univ. of Wash. Sch. of Law Research Paper 2014-15).

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