Dana Raigrodski

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Executive Director, Global Affairs
Law Lecturer & Director, General LL.M. Program

Phone: (206) 616-5321

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Representative Publications

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Dana Raigrodski, Economic Migration Gone Wrong: Trafficking in Persons Through the Lens of Gender, Labor and Globalization, 25 Ind. Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2014).

Dana Raigrodski, What Can Comparative Legal Studies Learn from Feminist Legal Theories in the Era of Globalization, 43 U. Balt. L. Rev. 349-93 (2014).

Dana Raigrodski, Property, Privacy and Power: Rethinking the Fourth Amendment in the Wake of U.S. v. Jones, 22 B.U. Pub. Int. L.J. 67-128 (2013), reprinted in part in 41 Search & Seizure L. Rep., Mar. 2014, at 17-24.

Dana Raigrodski, No Reason for The Reasonable Person: Feminist Lessons from the Fourth Amendment, 1 Disorient: Critical Legal Journal of the Pacific Northwest (Jan. 2009)

Dana Raigrodski, Reasonableness and Objectivity: A Feminist Discourse of the Fourth Amendment, 17 Tex. J. Women & L. 153-226 (2008), reprinted in Searches and Seizures: The Fourth Amendment: Its Constitutional History and Contemporary Debate (Cynthia Lee ed., Prometheus Books 2011).

Dana Raigrodski, Consent Engendered: A Feminist Critique of Consensual Fourth Amendment Searches, 16 Hastings Women's L. J. 37-62 (2004), reprinted in Search & Seizure L. Rep., July/Aug. 2005.

Dana Raigrodski, Breaking Out of "Custody": A Feminist Voice in Constitutional Criminal Procedure, 36 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 1301-30 (1999)

Book Chapters

Kimberly D. Ambrose, William H.D. Fernholz, Catherine F. Klein, Dana Raidgrodski, Stephen A. Rosenbaum & Leah Wortham, Cross-Border Teaching and Collaboration, in Building on Best Practices: Transforming Legal Education in a Changing World 148-61 (Deborah Maranville et al. eds., LexisNexis 2015).


Dana Raigrodski, Gender, Labor and Globalization Finding Solutions in the Global Economy for Trafficking in Persons

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