Scott Schumacher

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Faculty Director, Federal Tax Clinic
Director, Graduate Program in Taxation
Professor of Law

Phone: (206) 543-5351

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  • - Dallas Morning News
    Scott Schumacher, a University of Washington law professor and a former federal prosecutor in tax court, said the government will have to prove that Price asked for or received the money “intending to be influenced.”
    His defense, Schumacher suggested, might be: “‘Look, we were friends and this is what we did. I wasn’t influenced at all by this.’”
  • - Forbes Increasingly, federal judges are going easy on tax cheats, or at least easier than the U.S. Sentencing Commission’ s guidelines say they should. In 1984, in an effort to reduce the glaring sentence disparities that resulted from trial judges’ almost unlimited power to fashion sentences, Congress created the Sentencing Commission and ordered it to adopt guidelines. For the next two decades, as Congress intended, judges were generally required to impose sentences within the guidelines, although various provisions allowed them to depart up or down. (5/14/14)

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