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Dean G. Speer, 1 All Steps Considered: Articles, Interviews, and Tributes (University Book Store Press 2015). 406 pages.

Dean G. Speer, 2 All Steps Considered: Reviews (University Book Store Press 2015). 378 pages.

On Technique, Foreword by Lynn Wallis, Details: 224 pages 6 x 9, Cloth: $29.95 ISBN 13: 978-0-8130-3438-6 ISBN 10: 0-8130-3438-8, Pub date: 3/21/2010

Professional Publications

“If I Can’t See It, It’s Not There!” -- A Tribute to the Life and Legacy of Phyllis Legters Stonebrook (1934 – 2010)

Oregon Ballet Theatre – George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker

Seeing Sendak: Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Nutcracker

Pacific Northwest Ballet: Emergence, Petit Mort, Sechs Tänze, Forgotten Land

Weaving A Story: Timothy Lynch’s Threads – A Journey of Boys Who Dance

Introducing Irving: Oregon Ballet Theatre’s New Artistic Director, Kevin Irving

Pacific Northwest Ballet: Air Twyla Program

Creating Cerrudo -- An Interview with Alejandro Cerrudo

Shop Talk -- Interview with Eva Stone. Ballet-Dance Magazine, January 2013.

Mountain Climbing -- Oregon Ballet Theatre's Body Beautiful program

Men in Dance: 'Men=10, Women=1'

Dances at a Recital, Pacific Northwest Ballet School's Annual Performance, Ballet-Dance Magazine, June 2012

Big, Baby, and Missed, Pacific Northwest Ballet's Next Step Program, Ballet-Dance Magazine, June 2012

Young Enough to Do it Again, Pacific Northwest Ballet's Season Encore Performance, Ballet-Dance Magazine, June 2012

Enamel Eyes from 1870 to 2012, Pacific Northwest Ballet's 'Coppélia', Ballet-Dance Magazine, June 2012

Seattle International Dance Festival Kicks Off, Ballet-Dance Magazine, June 2012

Easy on Approach, Whim W'him's 'Approaching Ecstasy', Ballet-Dance Magazine, May 2012

Learning and Plies Never Stop, Pacific Northwest Ballet's Teachers' Seminar, April 18-21, Ballet-Dance Magazine, April-May 2012

An Original Thinker, Interview with Stephanie Saland, Ballet-Dance Magazine, May 2012

Third Version Perfect -- Pacific Northwest Ballet's 'Apollo' and 'Carmina Burana,' Ballet-Dance Magazine, April 2012

Thanks a Million -- Pacific Northwest Ballet's 'New Works' Program, Ballet-Dance Magazine, March 2012

1841 to 2012 - 171 Years, One Great Performance: Oregon Ballet Theatre's 'Giselle,' Ballet-Dance Magazine, March 2012

What Seth Says...Interview with Pacific Northwest Ballet Principal Dancer Seth Orza, Ballet-Dance Magazine, March 2012

A Moving Experience: A Preview of Oregon Ballet Theatre's 'Giselle,' Ballet-Dance Magazine, February 2012

Roper Ropes It In -- Interview with Alison Roper, Oregon Ballet Theatre, Ballet-Dance Magazine, February 2012

New Kids on the Block -- Chop Shop: Bodies of Work, Ballet-Dance Magazine, February 2012

A Shepherd On the Rock -- Whim W'him: 'Cast the First Rock in Twenty Twelve,' Ballet-Dance Magazine, January 2012

Brahms Afoot -- Seattle Dance Project 5, Ballet-Dance Magazine, January 2012

A Sad Tail: PBS Broadcast, December 16, 2011 of San Francisco Ballet's 'The Little Mermaid,' Ballet-Dance Magazine, January 2012

Dear, Just Do the Steps -- A Review of Stephen Manes' book 'Where Snowflakes Dance and Swear: Inside the Land of Ballet,' Ballet-Dance Magazine, December 2011

The Petunias Have it -- Pacific Northwest Ballet's 'Nutcracker,' Ballet-Dance Magazine, November 2011

The Southpaws Have it -- Pacific Northwest Ballet's "Love Stories," Ballet-Dance Magazine, November 2011

An Artist First: An Interview with Oregon Ballet Theatre's Xuan Cheng, Ballet-Dance Magazine, November 2011

Going to See Merce -- Saying Farewell to a Legend: Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Ballet-Dance Magazine, October 2011

"Slower is Faster" -- Miami City Ballet on PBS: 'Square Dance', 'The Golden Section' from 'The Catherine Wheel', 'Western Symphony,' Ballet-Dance Magazine, October 2011

A Puppet of Fate -- Oregon Ballet Theatre's Premiere of 'Petrouchka' and 'Carmen,' Ballet-Dance Magazine, October 2011

You'll Never Dance Alone -- Pacific Northwest Ballet: All Wheeldon Program, Ballet-Dance Magazine, September 2011

'For Whom The Dance Toils' -- Seattle Dance Project 3, Ballet-Dance Magazine, March 2010

Making Seattle Dance -- Kent Stowell Talks about Seattle Dance Project 3, Ballet-Dance Magazine, February 2010

Knowing Nutcracker -- Pacific Northwest Ballet's 'Nutcracker,' Ballet-Dance Magazine, December 2009

'Traditions! Traditions!'-- Oregon Ballet Theatre's 'Emerald Retrospective' Program, Ballet-Dance Magazine, November 2009

Bumbershoot 2009: Pacific Northwest Ballet, Ballet-Dance Magazine, October 2009

Maximizing Potential/Warding Off Dance Demons: An Interview with "Down Under" Physical Therapist Lisa Howell, Ballet-Dance Magazine, September 2009

Chita, Rita, and Louisa: Pacific Northwest Ballet's "Celebration of Louise Nadeau," Ballet-Dance Magazine, July 2009

Showcase Showdown: Pacific Northwest Ballet's Choreographers' Showcase and Annual School Performance, Ballet-Dance Magazine, July 2009

Speaking Heart to Heart: Conversation with Eugene Ballet's Vanessa Laws and Leoannis Pupo-Guillen, Ballet-Dance Magazine, July 2009

Wheeldon Wheels Into Seattle, by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin, Ballet-Dance Magazine, July 2009

Melissa Hayden & Balanchine Foundation's Interpreters Archive Project at Pacific Northwest Ballet: A Tribute to Melissa Hayden (1923-2006), Ballet-Dance Magazine, June 2009

A Gathering Of Tutus: Pacific Northwest Ballet Director's Choice Program, Ballet-Dance Magazine, June 2009

Compare and Contrast: Oregon Ballet Theatre -- 'Left Unsaid,' 'Tarantella,' 'Hush' and 'The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude,' Ballet-Dance Magazine, June 2009

Broadway Nelle: A personal tribute to dancer, choreographer and teacher Nelle Fisher (1920 - 1994), Ballet-Dance Magazine, May 2009

The Muse Graces Us -- Margot Fonteyn at Cornish College of the Arts, Ballet-Dance Magazine, October 2008

'Ballet Now' Program Preview Rehearsal: 'Artifact II,' 'Mercury,' 'Palacios Dances' -- Pacific Northwest Ballet, Ballet-Dance Magazine, October 2003

Interpreting Odette/Odile – A Pacific Northwest Ballet Principal Makes Her Swan Queen Debut: An Interview with Carrie Imler, Ballet-Dance Magazine, September 2003

A Dual-Edged Talent Discusses Performing and Choreography: An Interview with Pacific Northwest Ballet Principal Dancer Paul Gibson, Ballet-Dance Magazine, September 2003

An Interview with Otto Neubert and Ariana Lallone: A Husband and Wife team Make Their Artistic Mark with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Ballet-Dance Magazine, August 2003

Excerpt from Notebook to Dance Teachers II, Ballet-Dance Magazine, August 2003

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