The Disability Law Alliance is an organization of law students, with and without disabilities, who are interested in the practical experience of advocating for the human rights of people with disabilities. Annual activities may include:

NOTE: This website is actively under construction and changes from month to month as new resources are added.

What’s happening Autumn term 2012:

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Please see presentations of past Disability Law presentations.

photo of UW Law student's guide dog

UW Disability Community Resources

Disabililty Law Alliance Publications

Guide to Disability Related Resources: Organizations, Offices, Programs, and Publications at the University of Washington, 2011/2012 Academic Year. This comprehensive compilation of more than thirty  disability related resources at the UW includes contact information, locations and concise descriptions of resources offered.

I. General Resources – Getting Started

How does a student request an accommodation for a disability? (pdf)

II. Advocacy Resources:

Administrative Policy Statement (APS) 46.3 - Resolution of Complaints Against University Employees
This UW complaint policy applies to filing many types of complaints including a discrimination complaint based on disability

III. Resources for Law Students:

List of UW Law School Alumni who have volunteered to be available to students for an informational interview about their legal career.

University of Washington School of Law’s Diversity Commitment: Student Survey and Complaint Review and Resolution Process

The National Association of Law Students with Disabilities (NALSWD)

The 5th Annual NALSWD Conference (March 9-11, 2012)

Northwest ADA Center
Serves Region 10 (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington)
(425) 248-2480 (V)

IV. Disability Organizations External to the UW

Disability Rights Washington