Courses 2014 - 2015

LAW E 598 Climate Change Law

Credits: 3-4, Variable

The purpose of this class is to prepare future practitioners to advise clients in all aspects of
climate change law, an emerging regulatory system that is currently very much a work in
progress. At the domestic U.S. level, we will study the climate change legislation that Congress
considered in 2009, EPA’s ongoing rulemakings under the Clean Air Act, and pending litigation.
By studying the law as it is made, students will have a better appreciation of legislative intent,
the administrative rulemaking process, and likely areas of future controversy and litigation. At
the international level, we will review the mixed success of the Kyoto Protocol, the steps taken
since then by the European Union and others, the results of the Copenhagen negotiations, as well
as next steps.

Not offered this academic year.

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