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LAW B 599 Special Topics

Credits: 1-12, Max 12

Designed to take advantage of special opportunities resulting from visitors to the School of Law or other exceptional occurrences. (This is not a form of independent study.)

Comparative Commercial Law: Transactional Perspectives
Instructor: Jeffrey Wool, Condon-Falknor Professor of Global Business Law
The objectives of this two credit tutorial in comparative commercial Law (CCL) are:
1) to introduce students to the form, substance, and commercial purpose of a complex commercial transactions,
2) to provide students with a comparative perspective on the rules of law applicable in major systems of law to such transaction, and
3) to extract general principles of law applicable to such transactions, as are relevant to the harmonization of international commercial law.
The foregoing will be studied through an archetype transaction (the transaction) with these elements: (1) basic contract, (2) secured transaction, (3) surety, and (4) insolvency / bankruptcy. Dispute resolution issues will be included. The transactions will be domestic (or, at least, domestic law will be deemed to apply), given the comparative law objective. The students – using a set of transaction documents produced by a major international law firm – will work through the transactions, the intended commercial objectives of the parties, and the role of lawyers in such transactions. The comparative element will be addressed through outlines, materials, and reading introducing basic rules of law applicable to the transactions from various legal systems. This tutorial is part of a larger project being undertaken at Oxford University. The tutorial session will be held during a two hour block each Thursday during the summer session, subject to changes agreed between the student and instructor.

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