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Courses 2013 - 2014

LAW E 547 Robotics Law and Policy

Credits: 2

This interdisciplinary seminar explores the legal and policy aspects of near-term robotics and artificial intelligence. Relevant technologies include driverless cars, drones, medical, personal or service robots, and various expert systems. Readings draw from multiple disciplines, but focus particularly on legal or policy sources. Students are divided into teams of four with diverse training. Each team is expected to propose a novel approach to addressing one or more issues discussed in the course. One team will be selected to present their final project to policymakers and others in Washington, D.C. There is no travel expense to these students due to a generous gift from the Microsoft Technology Policy Group to support intelligent systems research.

Spring, 2 Credit(s)

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Calo, Ryan

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Calo - Spring 2013

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