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Courses 2013 - 2014

LAW B 529 Advanced Environmental Law And Practice

Credits: 1-4, Variable

Environmental Litigation Seminar (Winter 2014) (2 Credits) - Todd True
This seminar will focus on the range of strategies and skills public interest lawyers use in impact litigation to protect the environment and human health. The aim is to help students develop the broad strategic judgment and procedural dexterity necessary to successfully pursue these interesting and important cases. Each class will focus on a specific aspect of the litigation process and will rely in significant part on briefs and other practice materials from actual situations environmental lawyers face. The focus will be primarily on federal court litigation and, in particular, the “record review” litigation that is common for many public interest environmental cases. Evaluation: Assignments will be written throughout the Quarter.

Writing the Next Hornbook on Environmental Law (Winter 2014) (4 Credits) - William Rodgers
Professor Rodgers authored the First Edition of the West Hornbook in 1977. The Second Edition was published by West in 1994. He is now writing the Third Edition and expects this Seminar to serve as a means for completing — and refining — the manuscript. Topics covered will include “all of environmental law.” The Second Edition had nine chapters (Introduction, Common Law, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide & Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), Toxic Substances, Hazardous Wastes, Hazardous Substances—the Superfund Law, and the National Environmental Policy Act, which necessarily covers topics such as the Endangered Species Act. The third edition will include these topics and additional subjects such as Climate Change Law, Indian Tribes and Environmental Law, and parts of energy, oceans and fishing, agricultural and international law. Prof. Rodgers’ recent publications include a Climate Change Reader (2011, Carolina Academic Press) and a Volume on Environmental Law in Indian Country (2005, Thomson / West). Enrollment is limited to eight (8) students who will work on all aspects of the book, including text, graphics, photos, tapes, etc. Evaluation will be based on this miscellany of work product. Successful student participation (which is expected for all students) will be acknowledged in the final publication.

Winter, 2 Credit(s)

Environmental Litigation Seminar
Course Sections and Instructors
Todd True, Jan Hasselman

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