Wireless Networking

William H. Gates Hall has full wireless coverage to facilitate the use of laptops and other portable technology. The wireless network's name (aka "SSID") is University of Washington and is unencrypted.

For more info about the UW's wireless network, please see http://www.washington.edu/itconnect/connect/uw-networks/campus-wi-fi/.

Wireless Connection Security

In order to access non-UW websites and network resources via wifi, you will first need to login with your UW NetID credentials.

If you don't have a UW NetID, guest NetIDs are available from the Law Library Circulation desk. UW staff and faculty may also request a temporary NetID for their guests.

Viruses and the Wireless Network

Before using a Windows-based laptop on the wireless network, be sure to install all available security patches as well as update your antivirus software. If your laptop is infected with a virus or malware which negatively impacts the UW network, as a defensive measure, UW-IT will suspend your computer's ability to access the network.

If you suspect that your computer's network connection has been suspended as the result of a virus/malware infection, contact UW-IT at .

Last updated 9/13/2013