Lawdawgs Email Distribution List

The Lawdawgs email distribution list is the best way for students to receive important news and announcements about law school events. A weekly newsletter is the primary means of providing information to the law school community in a collection of announcements, columns and calendars. It is sent out via Lawdawgs. Other individual event email announcements may be sent out if they are time sensitive.

If you are currently enrolled as a Law School student, your UW email address has been automatically subscribed to Lawdawgs; non-UW email addresses (i.e. Gmail or Hotmail addresses) cannot be subscribed to the list. If you would like to receive Lawdawgs messages at your non-UW email account, please see the "Forwarding" section below.

Posting Procedure and Guidelines

Please note that these rules are in effect to help preserve a balance between students' 'need to know' with what constitutes a reasonable volume of email traffic.

  1. Lawdawgs is a moderated list, meaning that all messages are reviewed before posting. To submit a Lawdawgs post, send your message to for moderator review.
  2. The Lawdawgs list is subdivided into categories - subgroups exist for 1L, 2L, 3L, LLM, TaxLLM, and PhD students. This configuration helps to insure that Lawdawgs posts are only sent to those students who may find the information useful or relevant. When submitting a message to for review, please specify the target audience for your message. If no target audience is indicated or implied, it will be assumed that your message should be sent to all list members.
  3. Postings must relate to Law School business, such as announcements of meetings, class changes, lectures, job postings for RAs, etc.
    1. For meeting announcements, please limit to law school-sponsored events or meetings of interest to the Law School community.
    2. Announcements may include lectures and other events happening elsewhere at the UW.
    3. Discrimination based on the content or point of view of the message is not permissible (and unconstitutional).
  4. Event announcements must include the name of the sponsoring organization and contact information.
  5. Student groups wanting to post announcements to Lawdawgs must be registered with the main campus as an official student organization.
  6. Every effort will be made to post time sensitive individual messages to Lawdawgs as soon as possible, but please allow a turnaround time of one business day.
  7. Once any given event has been announced, one reminder notice may be posted during the week of the event.
  8. Lawdawgs is not to be used as a forum for the discussion of any issue.

Daily Message Digest

By default, Lawdawgs messages are individually delivered to your inbox. If you would like to receive a daily digest instead, please send an email to with the following information:

Subject: Lawdawgs Digest Request
Your UW NetID (just your username, do NOT include your password)
Your year of graduation
LLM or PhD (if applicable)

Archived Posts

An archive of past Lawdawgs posts can be accessed at


Some students may prefer to have Lawdawgs messages delivered to a non-UW email address. To do so, since non-UW email addresses are not permitted on the Lawdawgs list, students must forward their UW email account to their non-UW email address. Email forwarding can be configured at (UW NetID login required), and selecting "Change UW email forwarding" from the menu on the left.

Need Help?

For all questions regarding the Lawdawgs list and its use, please email for support.

Last updated 9/3/2014