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Law School Technology Services

Mission Statement

Technology Services provides the resources for and support of computing and technology-related activities to all members of the Law School community. We are dedicated to meeting this responsibility by proactively providing a high caliber of efficient and responsive technical support. Simultaneously, we continually seek to improve the Law School computing environment by researching and implementing relevant new technologies and service initiatives.

Technical Support for Students

Technology Services provides students with technical support for:

  • Software and services used to fulfill academic responsibilities.
  • Issues that affect the stability and security of the UW network and/or other shared campus resources.

If you have a technology-related question, first check for an answer in our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn't addressed there, feel free to contact us.

Technology Info for Student Orgs

Law School student org members can refer to Technology Info for Student Orgs (PDF) for:

  • Tech support contact procedures
  • Law school and campus printing resources
  • Procedures and checklists to help keep your org's events and operations running smoothly

Technology Info for Visitors

Please review this summary of our technology policies and resources before your arrival.

Last updated 12/13/2013