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Clients, skills, mentoring, camaraderie.  I loved everything about it.   
- Ingrid Warren, UC Clinic, ‘06

What’s Unique About the Unemployment Compensation Clinic?

Unemployment compensation cases are great cases for students.  They:

  • move quickly from client interview through an administrative hearing, so students handle several cases from start to finish
  • involve extensive client contact: students typically interview 3-6 clients
  • are fact intensive, unlike law school, and they involve a narrow area of the law so students can get up to speed on the law quickly and focus on other skills
  • rarely settle, so students hone their advocacy skills, doing direct and cross examinations and closing arguments

Substantive Practice Area: Unemployment compensation

Where We Practice:

  • Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings
  • When cases are appealed:
    • Superior Court of King or Thurston County
    • Washington Court of Appeals
    • Washington Supreme Court

Typical cases:

  • Showing that our client is not disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits
    • Reasons fired from work are not misconduct
    • Good cause for voluntarily leaving work

Skills Focus:

  • Client interview
  • Fact investigation
  • Direct and cross-examination
  • Closing argument
I gained practical skills representing real people and applied my law school book learning.  
- Dani Franco-Malone, UC Clinic ‘07  

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