Technology Law & Public Policy Clinic

The Technology Law and Public Policy Clinic has two missions: using year-long projects to provide students with an opportunity to craft policy in those areas where public policy and high technology intersect and allowing students to work in conjunction with elected officials, business people, representatives of the public and others in crafting policy.

2015-2016 Clinic Projects

  1. Work in collaboration with Washington State’s Chief Privacy Office in crafting legislation updating the state’s information collection and security protocols

    Focus No. 1: Work with the Governor’s Office in crafting an Executive Order creating a Washington State Office of Privacy and Data Security

    Key Stakeholder #1: Office of the Washington State Governor
    Key Stakeholder #2: Washington State Department of Information Technology

    Focus No. 2: Craft and develop strategies for passage of Washington State law on information collection and security protocols.

    Key Stakeholder #3: Washington State Legislature

  2. Examine legislation from diverse cities and states governing the use of police body cameras; identify best practices

    Focus No. 1: Work with diverse stakeholders to identify key issues surrounding this new technology

    Key Stakeholder #1: American Civil Liberties Union (Washington State)
    Key Stakeholder #2: Seattle Police Department

    Focus No. 2: Examine Washington State’s Public Records Act and design amendments to prevent misuse of information gathered from body cameras

    Key Stakeholder #3: Washington State Legislature
    Key Stakeholder #4: American Civil Liberties Union (Washington State)

  3. Explore the feasibility of a Seattle owned fiber or Wi-Fi network

    Focus No. 1: Determine if fiber or Wi-Fi systems can be built and owned by the City of Seattle without violating existing laws

    Key Stakeholder #1: City of Seattle

    Focus No. 2: Identify the real costs of constructing a fiber or Wi-Fi network

    Key Stakeholder #1: City of Seattle

  4. Review existing national and international laws on asteroid mining and craft white paper identifying key elements of 2015 Space Act which may be in conflict with existing treaties. Participate in Space Law moot court competitions.

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