Legislative Advocacy Clinic- Student Information

SYLAW is a small organization with very little experience in legislative advocacy, not to mention very little budget for it! The students in the legislative advocacy clinic were an invaluable resource to us as they handled all the legwork and walked us through the process. We couldn't be more pleased with the result--our bill passed!  

Katie Meyer, Executive Director
Street Youth Legal Advocates of Washington (SYLAW)

What's Unique about the Legislative Advocacy Clinic?

Substantive Practice Area:

  • Legislation
  • For 2010-2011 the Clinic's work will continue to be focused around issues affecting children and youth

Where We Advocate:

  • The Washington State Legislature

Past Work:

  • Drafted, analyzed and secured passage of HB 2752 -2010-11 Modifying provisions relating to providing shelter to a minor.
  • Drafted, analyzed and secured passage of HB 1954 - 2009-10, Sealing Juvenile Records Under Certain Conditions
  • Reviewed, and analyzed pending legislation for the Washington State Bar Association’s Juvenile Law Section

Skills Focus:

  • Legislative Drafting
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Bill Analyis
  • Working with and building coalitions
  • Oral advocacy in a legislative context

Legislative Advocacy (E599)
Quarters Offered:
Credits: 4 Fall, 4 Winter, 3 Spring
Required quarters: Full year required
Number of Students accepted: 4
Eligible Students: 2Ls, 3Ls
Selection Basis: Application

For 2010-2011
Child Advocacy (A579)- waived for 2010-2011 academic year
Recommended Courses: Professional Resp., Juvenile Justice

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Last updated 2/15/2011