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The ELC provides legal and business advice to Pacific Northwest entrepreneurs who face economic barriers to success. Our focus is on transactions and counseling; we do not represent clients in any active disputes. We serve 20 to 30 clients a year from four main entrepreneurship categories:

  1. Technology start-ups
  2. Small business owners
  3. Social ventures and non-profits
  4. UW or Institute for Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) faculty researchers seeking to create spin-off companies for their technology.

The ELC recruits local attorneys to supervise, teach, and mentor the ELC students in conjunction with the ELC staff. Generally, supervising attorneys spend 10-15 hours on a project each quarter and need only commit to one academic quarter at a time. Ideally, however, we would like supervising attorneys to participate in the ELC all three quarters.

The core service ELC provides to entrepreneurs is a confidential legal and business audit that results in an analysis memo for the client (see General Overview of Services). Virtually all clients will go through the audit process as the primary service in their first academic quarter with the Clinic. Further, initial representation is almost always restricted to only this audit and the report. We ask your help in keeping students on point and helping train them in this important counseling task. Our goal is to give students the opportunity to participate in the kind of comprehensive analysis and big picture legal strategizing that they will likely not be involved in for their first few years as practicing attorneys.

Upon mutual agreement of the ELC and the client, the ELC will provide further specific legal services, such as business formation, contract review/negotiation/drafting, or  intellectual property (IP) procurement. Supervising attorneys are not required to commit to such further services at the time of the initial audit process, but are certainly welcome to take on the additional supervision once the ELC and the client have agreed to expand the scope of representation.

The ELC recruits supervising attorneys who have one or more of the core expertise areas of corporate/securities/commercial law, IP, and tax that the ELC offers to clients. Supervising attorneys will supervise students only in their areas of expertise. For some clients, the ELC will also need attorneys with FDA, employment, or privacy law expertise.

The ELC students have prerequisite courses in the expertise areas they will serve in, but may still need help understanding specific areas of substantive law. Supervising attorneys help train the ELC students in interviewing and counseling clients, as well as in research and writing for the professional law environment. Supervising attorneys review all student work and communications to clients, supervise client meetings, and help students uphold a high standard of professionalism and ethical behavior.

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