Client Services

As part of the UW School of Law’s commitment to public service and access to justice efforts, we provide free legal representation to under-represented clients.  Many clinics can only take clients through referral from other organizations due to limited resources.

These clinics take cases from the public without referral:

  • Entrepreneurial Law Clinic: The ELC teams law and MBA students with pro bono attorneys expert in business law.  Teams provide legal advice to low-income microentrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in economically distressed communities, and pre-funded high-tech start ups.
  • Federal Tax Clinic: The clinic represents taxpayers who have ongoing disputes with the Internal Revenue Service.  Taxpayers who earn from $26,000 per year (for single taxpayers) to $62,000 per year (for a family of five) can receive representation from the clinic free of charge.
  • Mediation Clinic: The Mediation Clinic helps parties settle disputes without going to court.

Check the other clinics' client pages for information about the types of cases and referrals they take:

Other Sources of Legal Assistance

Directions to the UW School of Law

The Clinical Law Program is located on the second floor of William H. Gates Hall on the northwest side of the building (Suite 265).

University of Washington School of Law
Clinical Law Program
William H. Gates Hall, Suite 265
P. O. Box 85110
Seattle, WA 98145-1110

Working with the law students made a huge difference. I wasn't afraid at the hearing. I was worried about losing my apartment but getting my benefits meant I didn't have to 

-Client, Unemployment Compensation Clinic

Last updated 3/14/2012