Bankruptcy Client Representation Project

The Bankruptcy Client Representation Project offers students an opportunity to represent a low-income client in a consumer Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. This includes client intake and interviewing, preparation of a bankruptcy petition, assistance with credit counseling and attending the 341 creditor/trustee meeting.

We call it a “project” rather than a clinic because its scope is limited to two credits and students work in teams under the supervision of pro bono attorneys. As with a traditional clinic, students attend classroom sessions designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and perspective needed in order to represent their clients effectively.

Information for Students

Substantive Practice Area: Bankruptcy
Where We Practice: Federal Bankruptcy Court
Typical cases: Consumer Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases

Skills Focus:

  • Client interviews
  • Issue spotting
  • Document drafting

Clinic Annual Report

View the report for 2010 - 2011

Bankruptcy Client Representation Project (Law E527)
Quarters Offered: Winter, Spring (compressed)
Credits: 1 per quarter, classroom work frontloaded
Required quarters: Two
Number of Students accepted: 16
Eligible Students: 2Ls, 3Ls
Selection Basis: Lottery
Co-requisite: Consumer Bankruptcy
Recommended Courses: Professional Resp., Negotiation

Last updated 11/2/2011