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CASRIP Newsletter - Autumn 2007, Volume 14, Issue 4

Students Argue LG v. Bizcom in Rome, Italy (February 18-22, 2008)

Following the success of the Transnational Intellectual Property Seminar in Tokyo, Japan last year, students this year will travel to Rome, Italy to argue LG Electronics, Inc. v. Bizcom Electronics, Inc., 453 F.3d 1364 (Fed. Cir. 2006), before American, Italian, and German judges.

Approximately 30 students from the University of Washington School of Law, three Italian universities and their partner universities throughout Europe will attend the program. Students will attend classes from American and European professors and practitioners before presenting their arguments to the respective judges to compare how the judges would rule on the LG case, which is currently pending before the United States Supreme Court.

The Transnational Intellectual Property Seminar will be held in Strasbourg, France in 2009.

University of Washington-Universities of Rome

Transnational IP Program

2008 February 18-22


United States
  • Toshiko Takenaka (TT), Professor of Law, UW Law School
  • Signe Naeve (SB), Lecturer, UW Law School
  • Doug Stewart (DS) and/or Paul Meiklejohn, Part-time lectures, UW Law School
  • Barry Bretschneider (BB), Morrison & Foester
  • Steve Facizewski (SF), MovdicĂ© Holding, Inc.
  • Judge Randall R. Rader, US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  • Dr. Jochen Pagenberg, Bardehle Pagenberg (JP)
  • Dr. Heinz Goddar, Professor of Law (HG), U of Bremen
  • Hon. Dr. Klaus.Grabinski , Dusseldorf High Court (KG)
  • Dr. Mathias Bosch (MB), Bosch Graf von Stosch Jehle
  • Agostino Clemente (AC), Lecturer, University of Rome “La Sapienza” and University of L’Aquila
  • Rita Coco (RC), Italian Competition Authority, University of Rome “La Sapienza”
  • DomenicoDi Pietro, Lecturer, University of Rome “La Sapienza”
  • Mario Franzosi, Professor of Law, University of Milan
  • Francesca Maschio (FM), Ph.D., University of Rome “Roma Tre”
  • Dr. Gabriella Mucolo (GM), Rome Tribunal – IP Department
  • Marco Ricolfi, (MR) Professor of Law, University of Turin
  • Stefano Sandri, (SS) Professor of Law, University of Rome “Roma Tre”
  • Daniele Santosuosso, (DS), Professor of Law, University of Rome “La Sapienza”
  • Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich, (VZZ) Professor of Law, , University of Rome “Roma Tre”


18 Monday09:00Welcome and Orientation (Coffee and pastries)
 10:00Exhaustion Doctrines in EU and US (HG;TT)
 11:30License essentials in EU and US and Introduction of Hypothetical (AC;SF)
 12:30IP and freedom of expression (VZZ)
 13:30Lunch break
 14:30IP licensing and contractual issues (AC or FM;SF )
 Student discussions to prepare for negotiation
19 Tuesday09:00Brand Protection Under Community Law (SS)
 10:00Software Licensing
 11:30IP licensing and Competition Law in EU and US (RC;SF)
 13:00Lunch break
 14:00Negotiation exercise and evaluation
20 Wednesday09:00Patent Protection of Software in EU and US (DS; MB)
 10:40Copyright Protection of Software in EU and US (MR; BG)
 12:10Lunch break
 No class
21 Thursday09:00Product design and trade dress protection in EU and US (FM; SB)
 10:40Litigation procedure in Italy, Germany and US (JP; BB)
 12:10Lunch break
 4:00 Student discussion to prepare for mock tria
22 Friday09:00Scope of patent protection in US, Germany and Italy (KG; US Judge)
 10:40Infringement remedies in Italy, Germany and US (JP;MF;PM)
 12:10Lunch break
 14:00Mock trial and evaluation (KG; GM IT Judge; US Judge) (open to the public)
 20:00Graduation dinner

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