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CASRIP Newsletter - Autumn/Winter 2007, Volume 14, Issue 1

CASRIP Faculty Recent Scholarship and Presentations

CASRIP Director Toshiko Takenaka taught the patent law course for JD students and an IP Innovation seminar for JD and LL.M. students this quarter.  In July, she ran a successful annual CASRIP Summer Institute and High Technology Protection Conference.  In August, she taught a course on IP and Competition Policy at the University of Tokyo’s summer school.  She also taught U.S. patent law at a seminar for Japanese patent attorneys and a summer program at the Osaka Institute of Technology.

In September, she attended the ATRIP (Association for Teachers and Researchers in Intellectual Property) annual conference.  In October, she joined University President Mark Emmert, Dean Joe Knight, and Asian Law faculty to visit leading universities and IP-related research institutes in Korea and Taiwan.  She also participated as a speaker in a conference on patent policy in the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress sponsored by Santa Clara University.  In December, in addition to participating in the CASRIP/RCLIP innovation policy conference, she presented a paper on Legal Issues in Upstream Inventions at a symposium organized by the Institute of Innovation Research at Hitotsubashi University.  She also spoke at Keio University, Tokyo Medical Dental University, and the Japan Intellectual Property Association.

Takenaka served as a co-editor of the I.P. Annual Report in which she published a report of legislative and IP case law developments in the U.S. and Europe.  She also served as a co-editor of CASRIP’s International IP Enforcement book and published several articles in that book.

CASRIP Associate Director Robert Gomulkiewicz’s treatise (Intellectual Property, Software, and Information Licensing:  Law and Practice (BNA Books 2006)), co-authored with Xuan-Thao Nguyen and Danielle Conway-Jones, is finally out in print!  Gomulkiewicz, Nguyen and Conway-Jones also submitted the first draft of the corresponding casebook (Licensing Law: Theory and Application) to Aspen Publishers in September with an expected publication date of early 2008. 

Gomulkiewicz gave a presentation at the American Association of Law Schools annual meeting in January, titled, Commercial Law Meets the Computer Revolution: Complexity, Creativity, Controversy.

CASRIP Associate Director Sean O’Connor published The Use of MTAs to Control Commercialization of Stem Cell Diagnostics & Therapeutics, 21 Berkeley Technology Law Journal 1017 (2006) and Restoring Auditor Independence by Reestablishing Audits as Control and Premium Signaling Mechanisms, 81 Washington Law Review 525 (2006).

He presented a talk on Issues in Training Lawyers for Practice in Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer and Commercialization as part of a conference for academics, practitioners, judges, and policymakers hosted by Osaka University and he presented a talk titled, Using Research in the History & Philosophy of Science to Redefine Patentable Subject Matter under the Progress Clause of the U.S. Constitution, at major conference with 300 attendees hosted by the Research Center for the Legal System of Intellectual Property (RCLIP) of Waseda Law School, Waseda University and CASRIP.  He was a featured speaker at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, where he presented The Need for Cradle to Grave Management of Funding, Biological Materials, and IP in University Research and Technology Transfer to faculty and technology transfer department.  He presented, History of Bayh-Dole Act to faculty and staff of the Tokyo Medical and Dental University.  He also presented a talk titled, The Need for Cradle to Grave Management of Funding, Biological Materials, and IP in University Research and Technology Transfer at a conference hosted by the Institute for Innovation Research at Hitotsubashi University.

O’Connor was a featured speaker at the World Intellectual Property Organization, in Geneva, Switzerland, where he presented a talk on De Jure and De Facto Research Use Exemptions in Patent Law to delegates of international member states as part of an inaugural series of patent colloquia.  In India, he presented a paper titled, Humanitarian Clauses in U.S. Tech Transfer Licenses and India’s Role in the Worldwide Generics Industry at a seminar hosted by the Mahatma Gandhi University.  In Washington, D.C., O’Connor discussed academic proposals for reforming patentable subject matter at a symposium co-sponsored by George Washington University School of Law and Oracle Corporation.  In Berkeley, California, he presented a paper titled, Using Science & Technology Studies to Redefine Patentable Subject Matter under the Progress Clause of the Constitution.

More locally, O’Connor presented a talk titled, IP Issues in State Funding of Life Sciences Research to a legislative committee as part of a work session on genetically engineered organisms and biotechnology in Olympia, Washington.  He was a featured speaker for the Licensing Executives Society, Seattle chapter, where he presented Explaining and Exploiting the Research Use Exemption in Patent Law.  He presented a talk titled, Using Physical Property Rights and Intellectual Property Rights to Reinforce Each Other: MTAs and Patents in Stem Cell Research at the CASRIP High Technology Protection Summit.

Dan Laster presented a lecture on Copyright and New Technologies at the University of British Columbia Law School in November.  He also co-taught the foundational class, IP Core, for the IP LL.M. Program at the University of Washington School of Law.  He will teach Advanced Copyright law winter quarter.

CASRIP Assistant Director Signe Naeve presented a lecture on the American Common Law System at the CASRIP Summer Institute and a lecture titled, Trade Dress Protection for Pharmaceuticals at the CASRIP High Technology Protection Summit last summer.  She is working on a paper on the same subject.  She presented lectures on Copyright Law, Grokster and Contributory Liability for the Fukuoka University Business Law summer program and the Summer Institute in English for Business and Law Students at the University of Washington.  She also presented lectures on the Washington Rules of Professional Conduct and reading and interpreting IP cases, for the Transnational Summer Institute at the University of Washington School of Law.

Naeve taught Legal Systems and Skills for IP students in the fall, a fundamental class for civil law students participating in the IP LL.M. Program.  This winter she is teaching a course on the First Amendment and Intellectual Property and she is co-teaching an Advanced Research and Writing course with Bob Gomulkiewicz.  She recently submitted an amicus brief and successfully argued a fair report privilege case on behalf of several media organizations in Washington.  Naeve also earned her second degree black belt in taekwando in January.

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