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CASRIP Newsletter - Winter 2006, Volume 13, Issue 1

Message from the Assistant Director

Signe H. Naeve

Dear CASRIP Supporters,

Our faculty and staff have been circling the globe and traversing the United States making presentations, advancing scholarship and forming strategic alliances.

As an example, Director Toshiko Takenaka recently returned from Germany where she negotiated strategic exchange programs with several prominent universities. She will also travel to Japan to teach at Waseda University again this Spring. (Watch for notices of a CASRIP reunion in Japan in June). Professor Sean O’Connor and I will travel to Monterrey, Mexico in April for a conference and Toshiko and I will visit China this summer.

On the home front, Toshiko and I recently had an enjoyable visit with our sponsors Townsend & Townsend, Foley Lardner and Finnegan Henderson in Palo Alto, California.

Our CASRIP Summer Institute and High Technology Summit will reflect the efforts of this outreach and new alliances. In addition to our traditional strength in comparative law among the United States, Japan and Germany, we will also feature a panel on patent enforcement in China and India at our High Tech Summit this summer.

Also contributing to our global outreach is a scholarship program co-sponsored by Microsoft and CASRIP, to bring patent examiners from around the world to the CASRIP Summer Institute.

As always, we appreciate your continued support and welcome both scholarly and financial contributions to advance our intellectual property research efforts.

Very truly yours,

Signe H. Naeve
Assistant Director
Center for Advanced Study and Research on Intellectual Property

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