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CASRIP Newsletter - Fall 2005, Volume 12, Issue 2

Message from the Assistant Director

Signe Naeve

Dear CASRIP Supporters,

Like many of you, this previous summer was the first time that I attended the CASRIP Summer Institute and the High Technology Summit. I was extremely impressed by the depth and insight of all of the instructors and presenters and the lively international debate. Hopefully you were equally impressed! If you have not attended the three-week Summer Institute or the High Technology Summit, add it to your New Year’s resolutions!

CASRIP Director, Toshiko Takenaka, conference maven, Kathy Kline and I are already planning ahead for a successful summer program in 2006. We will have many of the same distinguished judges, practitioners, academics and patent examiners as presenters in both the Summer Institute and the High Technology Summit. We are also looking forward to the return of Judge Randall Rader, who took last summer off. Topics that the CASRIP Advisory Board are considering for the 2006 High Technology Summit include patent enforcement issues in China and India and GPL 3. We are also organizing the post-Institute trip to Washington D.C., which will be offered with a joint trip to WIPO and the offices of Darby & Darby in New York City.

In the meantime, CASRIP is busy sponsoring conferences, supporting research, hosting international delegations and producing the CASRIP Newsletter. In December CASRIP co-sponsored the second annual Intellectual Property and Economics conference with the Economic Policy Research Center at the University of Washington and it was a great success! This year the conference focused on “Antitrust in the New Economy.”

If you, or your company, would like to become a CASRIP sponsor or if you are interested in submitting a contribution to the CASRIP Newsletter, please contact me at

Happy Holidays!

Signe H. Naeve
CASRIP Assistant Director

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