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CASRIP Newsletter - Fall 2005, Volume 12, Issue 2


Toshiko Takenaka CASRIP Director, Associate Director of the IP LL.M. program and UW Law Professor, Toshiko Takenaka taught Patent Law to JD students and IP Innovation in Science and Technology to LL.M. students fall quarter. In October, she traveled to Santiago de Compostela in Spain to participate in the European Policy for Intellectual Property conference sponsored by the European Patent Office. She also presented a seminar on US patent reform sponsored by John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Takenaka presented a paper at a Japanese law workshop sponsored by the UW Asian Law Center and at a Pacific IP Law Scholars Program. In December, she traveled to Japan with Mr. Stephen Kunin, a former USPTO Deputy Commissioner, and gave a series of seminars in Tokyo and Osaka on US patent law reform and recent case law developments. Her report on IP developments in Europe and the US was published as an IP Annual Report, Bessatsu NBL, which was co-edited by Prof. Takabayashi and Prof. Shibuya at Waseda University. She has completed a paper on the hypothetical person having ordinary skill in the art and the extent of patent protection in Germany, Japan and the United States and submitted it to the Festschrift book project for a German professor.

Bob Gomulkiewicz CASRIP Associate Director, Director of the IP LL.M. program and just promoted to full Professor, Robert Gomulkiewicz, recently gave a speech titled "Free and Open Source Software: The Next Generation" at Law Seminars International's Digital Media Protections and Transactions Conference. He also presented a speech titled "General Public License: The Free Software Movement's Constitution" at Law Seminars International's Open Source Software Conference. Gomulkiewicz has also been working on a treatise on licensing law, forthcoming from BNA Books. Gomulkiewicz co-taught the IP Innovation in Science and Technology class with Professor Takenaka.

Sean O'Connor CASRIP Associate Director and recently tenured Professor Sean O’Connor completed the final manuscript of a casebook titled “Genetic Technologies and the Law” that he is co-authoring with faculty colleagues at the University of Washington, Professors Patricia Kuszler and Katherine Battuello. The book will be published by Carolina Academic Press and is anticipated for publication in Spring 2006. O’Connor also gave a presentation on IP and ag-biotechnology at a conference on food security at the University of Ottawa as well as on the ethics of patenting stem cell research results at a conference hosted by the Institute of IP & Social Justice at Howard University in Washington, D.C. O’Connor co-taught the Intellectual Property Core (“IP boot camp”) with Professor Dan Laster for the IP LL.M. program this Fall.

Signe Naeve CASRIP Assistant Director and IP LL.M. Assistant Director, Signe Naeve taught the Legal Writing portion of the Legal Analysis class for the IP LL.M. program this Fall. In the winter, she will teach First Amendment and IP at the University of Washington and Copyright Law at Seattle University. She also recently finished an article analyzing preliminary injunctions for intellectual property, comparing the American and Mexican systems, which will be published in the Fall edition of the CASRIP Newsletter. In April she will travel to Japan to present a lecture on trademark and copyright protection for pharmaceuticals at the Tokyo Medical and Dental School.

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